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Leadership Acumen Assessment


This assessment will allow you to rate yourself on a variety of skills associated with leadership in business. As soon as you're done you'll receive a report that shows your overall score, how you compare to the worldwide average, and tips for how to further develop your leadership acumen. These characteristics are also discussed more deeply in The Business Acumen Handbook, written by Steven Haines. 

Your responses are confidential and results will not be shared with anyone.  Please consider this an important tool to help you craft your business leadership and professional development strategy.

There are ten "clusters" that are made up of 3 questions each - so there are a total of 30 questions so this should take no more than 10-12 minutes.

Before starting, please be attuned to the rating scale:

1. Limited = Only limited opportunities to use the skill.
2. Intermittent= You have used the skill intermittently and are developing familiarity.
3. Frequent = You frequently use the skill but sometimes need some guidance from your manager.
4. Consistent = You effectively use the skill and will often coach others.